Wednesday, July 18, 2012


"DA-EE" he screaches.  His smile lights up the room.

He drags me into the kitchen, points to the stove and says, "E!  Pia!"

I hold him close and wispher, "I love you."  He strokes my cheek and stares at me with those big beautiful eyes and declares, "Uv ooo".

It takes me back to the conversation I had with the investigator when I first "met" him.  "The twins are pretty delayed.  The boy in particular.  He is non-verbal."

Well, he's not so non-verbal anymore.  God's healing and redemptive power are working miracles in this child.  Because Jesus first loved us, we are able to lavish this little boy with LOVE. 

It's working.....

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Kayla said...

Praise the LORD! That is sooo cool!