Saturday, August 25, 2012


"Mommy.  Guess what?  I'm ridding my bike really well."
"That's great!  You'll have to show me when.............when you come back."

It was our weekly phone call to our kiddos parents.  A weekly event that breaks my heart into a million pieces (so much so that I typically let Tony handle it).  I heard the catch in her voice.  The reality was hitting her of everything she was missing in her kids lives.  And it was hitting her hard.

A mom with out her kids.  Hearts broken and torn in two.  Lives ripped apart.  Foster care is not pretty.  As the foster parents we get to stand there and tell these parents that we are fighting for them....not against them.

And it's hard.  See we get to see the damage that their actions have caused on their kids.  We hear things slip from professionals mouths on a daily bases that makes us want to do nothing but cry for the reality that was these children's lives.  We get to parent these kids with a deep love and yet remember in the back of our minds that they aren't ours.

Yet we fight and pray for these parents....why....because it's our job.  It is what we signed up for.  We are here to care for these children and to ready them to go back home.  And we have to do everything we can to reassure those parents that we are NOT there to take their place.  It doesn't really matter how painful the reality of that is.

And maybe.....just maybe.....we will have the chance to share Jesus with them.  Maybe.....just maybe.....we will see not just three children changed but and ENTIRE family changed.  Maybe.....just maybe......this family will allow God to heal them from the inside out.  

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