Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Time

Many people have asked how Sweet Pea is handling all of this foster care stuff.  Well, that is a hard question to answer.  Overall she seems fine.  If you talk to her she isn't always fine though.  Like any child who adds children to their home (even one at a time as newborns) there are times she really wishes it were just the three of us.  What happens when our time with this placement is up? I'm not sure.

We have seen some behaviors from her we didn't like.  She began to repeat negative behaviors from one of our children because she knew it would land her one on one time and attention with one of us.  Tony and I wanted to quickly counter act this.  So over a week we have been giving her positive, one on one, alone time with mommy.  This is hard for me as it cuts into the time I have to rest and get things done but it has SO been worth it.  We've already seen great improvement in her behavior, better relationships with her siblings, and I'm enjoying some awesome time with my sweet girl.

Letting her do my makeup was a little out of my comfort zone but ended up being a ton of fun.

Hmmmm.....Someday she will laugh at this.

Little Miss on the other hand is stunning as always.

Great for fine motor skills

She is praticing her fine motor skills also.

Again, beautiful!

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