Monday, October 25, 2010

Because I Can

So I told my hubby after this happened that I was going to tell this story on him......but I forgot. So guess what, I'm telling it on here. Is it ridiculously funny....for me? yes, for you? probably not. Its just a story of sweet revenge. And because I put it on here, it means sweet revenge twice.

See Tony does NOT read this blog. I have asked him too, his mother has said he should....but he doesn't see why he should read it. So now I can share whatever I want and he won't know about it.

So here's the story......Saturday night Tony dropped a water bottle we had in the house and it got a hole in it. So as I'm enjoying some coloring with my Little Miss I hear him say "Excuse my immaturity for a minute". He comes in and squirts both me and his daughter with the water bottle. He only stopped b/c his daughter got mad at him. So the next morning while he was getting something for her out of her room I took that same water bottle and pored some of it in a cup....the rest went down the drain and the bottle in the trash. Then when I was able to get him into the dinning room (not the carpeted living room) I said "excuse my immaturity" and pored it on him. It was awesome! Then even better was watching him search for the bottle so he could spray me again.

Anyway, you should tell him that you like reading the funny stories about him on the blog. Tell him you can't believe he lets me put them up. Maybe he will actually read it. I doubt it though. Maybe I will just keep sharing stories until he does.
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Heather said...

Ha ha ha!! Very funny!! :D

Patti Lacy said...

LOVE IT! Loved sitting by y'all in church, too.

You are so neat, Heather.

Keep having fun with hubby. It'll keep a marriage going for...
34 years.