Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review: Little Star

My latest book from Blogging for Books was Little Star by Anthony DeStafano.  It was a book about a star and the story of Christmas.  I was really looking forward to how this book would present the Christmas Story.  However, in the end I walked away rather disappointed.

The pictures in the book are very beautiful and very life like.  And the book does try and teach some very good lessons.  It answers many of the problems people have with the Christmas story: why was Jesus a baby? Why was he born in a stable?  In the book the main character, Little Star, gives up all he has (and ultimately himself) to Jesus, his King.  I love that message.

However, I found some rather large errors with the book.  The miss representation of what the star of Christmas is bugged me.  (The true star of Christmas was used to guide the Wise Men and did not show up until the Wise Men arrived and the star in the book was used to warm Jesus.)  It also has a lot of simple errors to the story that are cultural not biblical (all the people are VERY western in look, Mary rides a donkey, and Jesus has a halo).  Tony and I are very particular about the "Biblical" items we let our daughter experience.  They must be accurate, not just cute.  We chose her Children's Bible due to the fact that it quoted scripture exactly.  This was also not a book that grabbed Addilece.  She couldn't even get through it once and hasn't picked up the book since it arrived.   

While the book was well written, well illustrated and was a cute story, it will not be a book we will personally put on our child's shelf.

This book was provided for me free of charge by Blogging for Books and WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my personal review.  Other than the book I am receiving no other compensation.  The views expressed are my own.

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