Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, we have it.  An official closing date on our house.  We won't be homeless and we won't be intruders (although I know that my parents and our friends don't feel that way.) 

Our church has begun 40 days of prayer.  We know that God has entrusted us with much and we are praying for the MORE He wants to give.  Our church isn't dreaming little dreams.  No, they are dreaming BIG dreams for God.  Dreams that many would say are "impossible".  Through this Tony and I are also praying for the MORE God would have in our lives.  The more with our house, our finances, our children, our time.  We know that God could ask really hard things of us.  Things that make us uncomfortable.  Things that take away are security.  In fact we are asking God to ask those things of us.  Time on this earth is too short to not do BIG things for God.

Yesterday while I was doing my daily prayer devotional from the church I was pouring my heart out to God about the house and our fear and discomfort in not knowing where our family would be.  This is the conversation God whispered into my heart.

God: Heather, do you trust me?
Me: Of course I do God.  I know your going to do great things through us.
God: But do you trust me?
Me: I think I do. 
God: Heather, if you don't trust me with knowing when this house closes how will you trust me with this house?  How will you trust me with your money or your kids or your time?  How will you trust me when I show you the more for your life?  How?  You need to trust me with this small thing.  You may not know exactly where you will be living in a few weeks but you know you will have a place to live.  Do you trust me to take care of the details?

Wow.  Talk about a smack in the face.  Do I truly trust Him?  I said I did but in the next breathe I had to remind Him the clock was ticking.  So I gave it up to God.  I told Him to take care of the details and I would trust that no matter what the outcome He would do what was best for His praise and glory.  Let me tell you, saying no to my flesh the rest of the day, that night, and all this morning was an every moment battle.  Forcing myself not to pick up my phone and start calling Tony as soon as it turned 5.  Not even asking Tony if our realtor had called (while I knew the answer my entire flesh wanted to ask that questions). 

God knows the details, the plans, and knows what's best.  Do you trust Him?  Will you let Him control your future or are you holding on to it?  If you can't trust Him with the little will you be able to trust Him with the BIG? 

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Abby & Tim Schweitzer said...

i love this!! so excited for what God is going to do through you guys :-)