Thursday, February 9, 2012

Type of Placement

In this post I answered what type of placement we were looking for in the sense of short term, long term, adoption, etc.  I want to answer another frequently asked questions about our placement choice:

How old do you want the child to be?  What sex?

Determining the answer to this question has been one of the hardest things we have had to do in this whole processes.  It has required us to look at our home, our own child, our lifestyles, a whole new way.  

The simplest answer is: Zero to Ten and we will accept sibling sets.


We chose 0 to 10 because while we would love to have a younger child, however, we know that many people want that age.  We feel that ten is a good max based on our age and Addilece's age.  Above ten is a deal breaker for us (for now).  We have no grandiose dreams that we will receive an infant or even a single child under 5 for that matter.

Many have thought we would only accept younger then Addilece.  However, Addilece is young enough that we feel its fine to bump her as first born.  I've said since she was little that she wasn't meant to be a first born, nor a last born.  She loves following kids older then her around but would also make a great big sis.  Also, accepting two or younger pretty much guarantees that we will NEVER get a placement.  (That is exageratting, but it would be very very hard.)


Tony and I have a heart and passion for sib sets.  I hate to think of these kids being split because people don't want two (or three or four).  Will jumping our family from one to three (or four) be hard?  Yes, but we see it take place in the adoption world all the time.  It's possible. 

Tony believes we are going to take a sib set of three with two boys and a girl.  That is what God has layed on his heart.  We will see how God works things out. 

There are numerous other factors that we also have to consider.  I won't go over these at this point because at this time we've said, "no we can't accept that" doesn't mean we won't accept that child in the end.  Those issues may also come out after the child is in our home.  There are also things we can't accept due to our home.  A child in a wheel chair is an example of this.  We have too many stairs and no bedrooms on the lower level. 

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