Monday, June 4, 2012

Focusing on the Good

In my last post I mentioned that of the four people in our family I was probably struggling the most.  Part of it is boundaries that push against my personality (I have too much compassion and grace) and so I can get walked over too easily.  But I wanted to share some of the awesome things that have been happening as a way to encourage myself more than anything.

*Our guy went to Tony's younger brother's graduation two days after moving in.  Tony's family rocked!  They were just incredible.  Our guy told his mom that he felt like he fit into the family and that he wanted to be a pitcher (in baseball) because all of Tony's brother's were pitchers.

*Four days after moving in: when someone (outside of our immediate family) he got mad and said that was "his chair."

*He has asked a million and one Biblical questions.  He is spouting off the next before I can answer the first.

*He loves doing nightly Bible times with Tony.

*He convinced his mom to go to church with him.  (Can't wait to find out if they actually did).

*We got to hear him pray more then just a rehearsed prayer.

*He thanked God for being part of our family.

*He will claim Addilece as his sister.

I think I will be doing a post like this every once in awhile because it puts a smile onto my face.