Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.  A day where mom's around this country will be honored.  I, however, would rather just skip it. 

My kiddos are off for a visit today, an extra long visit.  They will spend Mother's Day with their mom.  They will give her the flower we pick out and re-potted.  They will dote her with home made cards that we worked on yesterday.  And they will excitedly hand her the presents they made at school.

Today I am the "other woman".  Well, I'm often the other woman, but today I feel it. 
I'm by no means opposed to Mother's Day in general.  I think it's wonderful to honor moms.  But I would rather not go through the motions that take place around this official holiday.  Tony and the kids made me breakfast in bed last weekend and that is more then enough "honor" for me.  I felt appreciated and special, which is the point of today. 

However, I will walk through the church doors with a million happy mother's day.  It will be celebrated in one way or another at our church, when we run errands, etc.  All of that is wonderful. 

But for ME.


I wish it would be just another Sunday. 

On the other hand I am thrilled for the kids bio-mom.  Not many parents in the system actually get to spend the day with their kiddos on Mother's or Father's day.  Looking at it from a mom who is NOT spending time with my kiddos I understand how devastating that would be.  She IS their mother, and that will never change. I had my kiddos yesterday, I will have them again tomorrow.  I had them for a short time this morning and will have them for a short time tonight.  She gets a few hours today to just be mom...only a few.  But I'm glad she gets them.

The reality is that one of us will probably not have these kids to celebrate Mother's Day with next year.  They will either be "home" or they will be headed for adoption.  That in and of its self is heart wrenching.  However, today God has given us a Mother's Day to share.  While that is not ideal for either of us, we do have this tremendous blessing of both knowing and being Mommy to these three incredible kids. 
And today I will hold one beautiful little girl in my arms and rejoice in the gift God has given me to forever and always be her mommy!  She is so excited that it is Mother's Day.  She truly makes my heart sing.

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Heather said...

Heather, you are an amazing woman and mother. Though you are younger then me... I want to be you when I grow up!