Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From Surviving to Thriving: Cups

From Thriving to Surviving is my series about how we vowed to thrive this year.  Here are one of the ways in which we do that.

Within the first two days that our kids arrived in our home I KNEW we had to do something different about our kids drinking cups.  Trying to keep track of four kids cups was a nightmare.  I knew within the first day of the water bottles I had boughten that they were a BIG mistake.  Then I spent the next three weeks trying to convince myself that they were just fine.

One day I was walking around Meijer and found these babies:

I love them.  
  • They are small so spills are not a big deal.
  • Each child has their own color and they know it.
  • I grab a set each morning and we are good to go all day.
  • They are very sturdy so my kids can drop them with no problem. 
  • They are fairly cheap.  (Around $5 for a set of four).
The next set of "cups" that helps us thrive is the kids' water bottles.  I snagged these metal water bottles at Old Navy.
Here is what I love about them:
  • They stay clean and "taste" free due to what they are made of.
  • They are adorable AND sturdy!
  • Did I mention they are study.  Our kids drop these ALL THE TIME.
  • We can keep them in the frig and grab them when we need them.
With four little kids it's so awesome to have something that they know is theirs.  There is no worry if one child drank after another.  

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