Friday, October 7, 2011

Finding Time to Date

Dinner at a decent restaurant......$25
Movies (with out snacks)....$16
Putt-Putt Golf....$8
Coffee for two....$10

I love going on dates with my husband.  It's important to help us stay connected and keep the romance alive.  However, the things we like to do on dates (above) cost MONEY, especially when you throw in that last line of babysitting. We just can't afford to do it too often. 

 Recently Tony and I decided we needed to do something about it, so we came up with dates at home.  Here is how it works: every other Thursday one of us chooses an activity for us to do after Addilece goes to bed.  We focus on that all day and the night just seems extra special.  It has been so much fun to date my hubby again.

Picture by Katie Zeller
1. Switch who plans....
If I am required to plan the date each week I will burn out pretty quickly.  Each of us planning allows us to enjoy our time together and add our personality to the date.

2. Set a small budget...
Our budget is $5 a month.  If we don't use it goes in an envelope.  This helps us to make the night a little more enjoyable without the stress of money.   

3. Make the night extra special...
Each of us tries to do one or two things to make our night special.  One night we had homemade iced mocha's while we watched a movie.  Another night Tony got a half pint of my favorite ice cream, which we shared while looking at the stars and talking.  I'm hoping to buy a package of oreos and enjoy them while playing a board game.  We've cuddled under blankets and talked, done puzzles, and enjoyed treats that we don't get on a regular bases. 

Picture by Katie Zeller
4. Keep it simple....
The fact that our daughter is sleeping upstairs and the budget is low means we have to keep it pretty simple.  We try and do just one special treat and add an activity.  This leaves the pressure to top another date or keep it interesting low.  We have fun just being together.

Traditional dates are still very enjoyable and we do try to go on them a few times a year.  However, this allows us to being intentional and focused with worry about securing a babysitter, getting home in time, and lots of money.  It's also been fun to see our relationship deepen.

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