Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Clean

Yesterday I cleaned our frig.  Really scrubbed it. Inside and out.  It took me 45 minutes.  Let's just say it was the first time I've cleaned it since we got the kids.....yeah, I'll let YOU do the math on that.  It was d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g!!!!!

All day I have been opening that frig and a huge smile spreads across my face.  It feels go good to have something clean and fresh.  The 80 degree sunshine at the end of October doesn't hurt matters either.

This may not seem like a BIG deal and you may think "just clean your frig."  However, I can spend hours working on attaching and behavior with our children each day.....HOURS!  It makes the house come last often.

But today it's clean.  It's so incredible!!

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Kayla said...

Of course, I'm not exactly in your shoes, but I cleaned out our fridge today, too! It's exciting! Now I need to remember to "keep it up" rather than going ...months between cleanings. A little here and a little there.

Excited with you! Lol.