Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keeping It Straight

Parenting kids from hard places means remember "triggers" or things that set these kids off.  We've go three kids to not only figure out but keep straight.  I know that every child is different and has different personalities but this can go much deeper then for these kids....

*Little Man needs his food cut up into little pieces in order for him to be able to handle it


*Little Man does not like things like crackers, granola bars, or banana's broken in half.

If either is done wrong then we have problems.

*Big Brother doesn't like milk......most of the time.
*Little Man likes milk....sometimes....AND when he does he gulps it.....BUT he will ask for it either way.
*Baby girl loves milk but takes forever to drink it....or anything.

*Little Man sometimes really really likes to dress himself.....BUT most days if you hand him clothes and ask him to do it sets him off and his communication plumits.

*Baby Girl is stubborn.....if you try to FORCE her into ANYTHING you will get a major fit.

*Big Brother wants to try nothing and hates you to push him but is often thrilled when he can do something on his own.

*Baby Girl HATES dresses....even if she is the one who chose to wear it.  HOWEVER, if she chooses a dress and you say no....there is a problem.  BUT if you put a dress on her that she chose she will probably have an aweful day b/c she doesn't truly want the dress....just the control.

*Big Brother can handle no more than 1 step directions.  If you try to give him more you overload him and he gets an attitude and can do NOTHING.

*Little Man is a big big helper and loves it....UNLESS you hand him something and expect him to do it on his own (rather then being YOUR helper).  Suddenly he doesn't know how to do anything.

Got it? 


Now can you teach me?????? 

And that's just a small glimpse into our daily lives.

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Shonni said...

Ohh, yes, the triggers. It’s a love/hate relationship. I want to understand them better so that I can help my children, but I hate them too.