Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year in Review

The three words I would use to describe this past year are growth, stability, and waiting.  Our children have grown, not just physically, but in how they socialize, in what they've learned, in how they deal with their feelings (to name a few).  Tony and I have grown as parents and in our relationship with each other.  And Tony has grown in his job.  It was a stable year.  After several years of BIG changes this one did not hold many.  We had a few things end that helped to stabilize our family (Awana and Tony's School.  We also enjoyed a few changes but still maintained a very stable every day life.  And we waited, and waited, and waited for our adoption.


I celebrated my 26th birthday


We welcomed a new nephew into our family.



Tony celebrated his 26th birthday.


We enjoyed a camping trip to a local camp grounds.
Big Brother and Sweet Pea began t-ball.


Tony graduated.

We celebrated 6 years of marriage.

Swim Lessons for the kids.


Sweet Pea turned 5.
The girls and I took a trip to California for my brother's wedding.


Tony began is new position at CIT Leasing Business Manger.
Big Brother turned 8.
The beginning of school: Big Brother in 2nd, Sweet Pea in kindergarten, and Little Man and Baby Girl in PreK


Little Man and Baby Girl turned 5.


We welcomed another nephew into the family.


We celebrated Thanksgiving with Tony's family


We enjoyed a trip to the Wisconsin Dells.

We said good-bye to a niece.

We celebrated Christmas with Tony's parents, my parents, and our special Bob and Carol.

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