Friday, March 8, 2013

A Book for Children in Foster/Adoptive Families

As we began our journey into the Foster Care system I started a mad search for a book.  I wanted something that would help explain to Addilece what was going to happen.  I came up with nothing.  There are lots of books to explain to Foster Children what they are going through (one we really like is Maybe Days) and explain to children why they don't look like their families, and what its like to be part of their family.

Then we ran across an interesting book in Little Man's Scholastic Book Order.  We bought it and it arrived the other day.  We were more then pleased when we got it home.  The book, Bear with Me. 

This a cute little book about a little boy whose world is perfect.  He has his parents and his blocks, but one day his parents bring Gary the Bear home.  Now his parents say their family is complete, but Owen is not convinced.  

This story goes through how Owen handles the new member of his family who takes his parent's time, forces him to share his toys, and snores.  In the end Owen discovers that new is not always bad, and is glad to have Gary in his family.

As this books walks Owen through his new life I saw so many of the situations that Addilece struggled with as we brought new kids into our home.  I highly recommend this book to any family bringing new children in their home.  This book provides an aid to help explain what it will be like to welcome new kids into your home at an age appropriate level.

I was not asked to give this review.  I also did not receive anything for this recommendation.

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