Friday, March 29, 2013

Is their ANY improvement?

Someone asked me the other day if we have seen improvements in our kids since they have entered our home.  She asked because to her it seemed like we were barely making it through our days when the kids first arrived.  And she was right.  And we have seen improvements....drastic improvements.  Here are some of the biggest:

Speech: When they first came all three of the kids main form of communication was to point and grunt.  While we still have this happen at times, particularly after hard visits.  The kids are using there words not only to get what they need from us but to have conversations, to let their desires be known, and to talk others outside of our family.  This is particularly huge for Little Man who was only saying a handful of words after a month of living with us.  Now he speaks in full sentences with us and will occasionally converse with those he doesn't know.

Reading: I remember the first time I tried to read a book to these kids.  Little Man had NO interest, Baby Girl sat through one page, and Big Brother had to be playing with something while listening.  It was a shock to both Tony and my system as we had raised Addilece on books.  That girl could sit for an hour and read, if not more, and she was only 2.  Now, they are almost as thrilled about reading as Addilece is.  The other day I sat Baby Girl down with a pile of books and she contently sat there for 20 minutes flipping through them.  If we sit down to read with one child within seconds we have the rest clamoring around us with a book in hand to read to them.

Socially: Going to a store the first time was awful.  It's still not the thrill of our lives but the kids can make it through a shopping trip with out too much drama and usually walking on their own.  They are also interacting with adults and peers better.  They can function socially.  It's fun to see them make connections with others.

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That must be wonderful to see!