Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Sweetest Words

"I uv ooo."

I stopped sweeping and tried not to drop the broom in my hand.  I turned to face Little Man, taking a deep breath.  Had I heard that right?  Had he really said "I love you"?

"I love you too buddy."

He gave me a quick smile and trotted off to play.  My world, however, had stopped. 

Baby Girl and Big Brother have given "I love you's" since the day they moved in.  They weren't real, we aren't sure they even are now.  Little Man held back.  We would say it to him and stop and repeat it just to make sure he had heard.  The words never came though.  He was very intentional about NOT saying it.

Six months later he let the words out.  And he meant it!  After that moment the words flowed freely from his mouth.  He was ready to love back. 

So many times we hear people say they could never do Foster Care because they could never love a child and give that child back.  I feel sad that they will not have the love in the first place. 

 We have no clue how long Little Man will be in our home.  However, we count it a privilege for everyday that we get to see those dimples, get those knock you down hugs, and hear those sweet words.  Our lives are better because of him!

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