Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting Real: Goals and Starting the Year Badly

I have three "simple" goals for the year: Relationships, Finances, and Organization.  I love that go get 'em feeling at the beginning of the year.  I became a decluttering, organizing machine.  I had that accountant husband of mine build me a worksheet to help balance the budget.  I was ready.

But I forgot one thing.  The most important goal.  Relationships.  Really it's the number one thing I wanted to focus on, the other things were side notes.  I was grumpy at the kids.  Every-time the interrupted my projects, I snapped.  I was begging them to go back to school.  I was totally missing where God had called my heart for the year.

Then God brought THE snow storm of the winter to our back yard.  I was forced to cancel my Satruday plans of my nephews birthday party.  And while Tony spent the day in school, I spent the day home with the kids, again.

But this time God had begun working on my heart.  I decided that I was going to say "yes" to my kids, rather then "I'm busy".

Yes, you can cut with the fun scissors.  Would you like to cut paper or play-dough?

Yes, I will read that book to you.

Sure, I can play for a bit.

Yes, I will answer all your questions (like 20) about the weather page.

It took 20 minutes of my day to say yes, instead of no.  And we went to bed that day in a much better state of mind.  God's still working on my heart and attitude.  It's a daily struggle to put the list down, get down on their level, and say yes.

On the day I write this, the arctic freeze has taken over the outside world (-45 wind chill).  In an attempt to keep warm, we have shut ourselves into our living room (thanks to an old house with sorta functioning sliding doors).  We are watching movies, eating popcorn, enjoying homemade cinnamon rolls.  God has placed me next to my munchkin that I struggle with the most.  Right now that child's head is resting comfortably on my shoulder.  It took a storm to help me see heart was off track, to slow down, and to remember where God has drawn my heart.

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